Cash (Catch) Me Outside

The phrase that was coined by Danielle Bregoli, a young girl that appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss her attitude toward anyone that challenged her or corrected her, set people in an uproar due to her rudeness, vileness, and inability to obey authority. As many would see this young lady as a problematic representation of youth today and as I also questioned her attitude and behavior at the time, I myself realized, especially over the last two years, that I identify with her on a particular level.

Like most children, I grew up never being one to disobey my parents or any figure of authority. Yet as I got older, as we all do, I rebelled colorfully and often challenged my parents and communities that delved out rules and regulations illogically and without consideration to my growth and self actualization. Once I entered into the realm of politics and social justice work as an adult, my rebellious phase began to bloom into full fledged defiance of the status quo and of power that sought to destroy my dignity and civil rights.

Somehow, slowly over time, I had began to identify in a way with the “Cash me outside” girl and those closest to me began to question the path I was on and “rebellious acts” I was partaking in. Marching, protesting, running for office, blocking senators offices, boycotting, letter writing,making phone calls, and getting arrested became core actions of rebellion for me and so many other women. I mean my attitude would go from 0-Who Want the Smoke in five minutes or less.

My passion for more direct liberation work jumped to a whole new level on January 17, 2017. This moment in history, for many, was the defining moment of rebellion against the notion that women should be seen and not heard, used as “play things” yet not respected, carriers of life but not authorities on protecting our own lives and bodies based on what’s best for us, that we didn’t have the right to protect our children against gun violence, and that we are to remain quiet housewives that rely on the leadership of men and not take full advantage of our constitutional rights and express dissent when necessary.

Instead of remaining “civil” and quiet, we took to the streets, shut down offices, met elected officials at their front doors, blocked streets and we went toe to toe with the patriarchy. We showed up in numbers large and small. We did not back down or give an inch. We dared the powers that be to look us in the eye. We were labeled insane/inhumane because of our defiance on Senate floors and courtrooms and we were coined as “Angry Mobs” when the force of our agenda wouldn’t let us go quietly and it kept us pushing forward toward justice.

We made sure they knew we were watching their every move and would not for one second silently live under the thumb of oppression any longer.

Mothers that had lost their children to gun violence, students that said Enough is Enough, Palestinian women that refused to be criminalized and banned, black women that took their rightful place in the front of the line, Native American women that reclaimed the rights of their heritage and sovereignty all made a defining step forward together to shut down the “business as usual practices” around the world.

WE dared against all odds to give voice to the voiceless and rip the blindfold off the eyes of those who wanted to ignore the truth and the result of our defiance began to shake governments to their core.

Women began claiming their power and running with it…Literally!

Black women and women of color decided to step up to the plate and get the house …OUR HOUSE…back in order. Women stopped listening to messages like “ now isn’t the time” , “let us handle it” and my all time favorite “Stay in a woman’s place”. The swearing in of the new 116th Congress proved that a woman’s place is any where she chooses it to be. Women hit the streets, the ballot boxes, picket lines, and protests in record numbers to make sure the message was crystal clear; Step aside patriarchal gate keepers…there’s a new outfit in town.

I know that 2019 will usher in its own set of battles but I am more confident than ever in our ability to weather the storm and come out victorious on the other side. The Women’s Wave is sweeping the world and women are stepping into their majesty and might on a scale that defies the chains of white supremacy, dictatorships, oligarchs, and war. We are rattling the old cages that were built to keep us imprisoned and without hope. We are building new tables to accommodate us all. We are standing arm and arm with our sisters creating our own wall of protection and strength.

There is no stopping us and we will see wrongs righted and lands healed in this lifetime. We are not afraid to step out of our homes and off our jobs to join the fight. If anyone is ever wondering where we go from here,where to find us, or finds themselves opposing my right to live and be free…Just refer to the top of the page.



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